6 Benefits To Having A Social Media


1. Consistency: This pays off on the long term for any business. When your audience finds your content posted on the certain days and times you’ve established. There is a sense of familiarity, it’s like having that one friend who knows to come by and drop off your favorite flavored caramel swirl mocha coffee from Starbucks!

2.Brainstorm: I love the idea of getting in the zone of creativity and coming up with new topics to discuss and share

3.Research: Keeps your business on its toes and being aware of the following trends that are in your industry. After all you wouldn’t want to steer your audience wrong, with outdated or obsolete information.

4.Documentation: This helps keep record of your past postings, that you can refer to at a later time. Also helps with # 3 in seeing what worked and what needs to be tweaked.

5.Flexibility: When the calendar is pre filled, there is always room for revisions, adding new content , or getting a real time update on there.

6. Peace of mind: This one is always important, with having to juggle so many things in your business. The last thing you need is to feel overwhelmed that you’re not getting your business noticed for lack of presence online.

So the next time you may find yourself questioning if you should incorporate a social media calendar in your already hectic day. I say it doesn’t hurt , just remember that it actually helps alleviate some of the chaos that usually comes with running your business.

Your future self will thank you later.

Identifying The Problem



It’s so easy to get caught up with creating and promoting your products, planning strategy, and running a business. The heart of why your doing can easily be put to the wayside. I’ve noticed even in my own business that if I don’t check myself,that I can fail easily in not upholding the core focus of the business.

It doesn’t matter what niche your business is in, it can in my opinion make or break the business. As a startup company, this is a constant reminder.

So what would I suggest you do is the following;

1. Be accountable: I recall while in the military we were always held to accountability   by our fellow “Airmen”. This made you mindful of your actions and inactions and how it could affect a group.

2. Think like a customer: how many times can you count, when you were looking for a product (ie: book,tool,food item,etc) that you may have felt that there were never enough sources available or even created. You may have wished for someone to come up with it

3. Research:go to the stomping grounds,what I mean with this is go where your potential or current customers hang out. If it be via online or offline (ie:forums,interests groups, etc ) to find out what their gripes & concerns are.

4. Find the problem and decide it: decide how to tackle the problem, plan and create a solution.

These are just a few examples of what you can do to help your clients.

If you have any other suggestions, please share what you’ve done.


“See a Need, Fill the Need” -BigWeld



Men In Business Monday


This weeks “Men In Business” goes to Tim Ferriss.He is an author,angel investor, public speaker and entrepreneur. If your not familiar with who he is, he has the best selling book called “The Four Hour Work Week”. This guy is an innovator in my book, he challenged the corporate system by introducing the idea that you can be productive with work outside of the grind of a 9 to 5.

He has written three books; The Four Hour Work Week, The Four Hour Body,and The Four Hour Chef.
The Four Hour Work Week has been #1 on the New York Times,BusinessWeek,And Wall Street Journal best sellers list respectively.

Angel Investor:
As an angel investor and advisor to startups. He has invested or advised in start ups such as StumbleUpon, Posterous, Evernote, DailyBurn, Shopify, Reputation Defender, Trippy, Foodzie, Badongo, TaskRabbit, RescueTime, and SimpleGeo in addition to small equity stakes in Facebook and Twitter.(https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Ferriss)


Salute to you Mr. Ferriss 👏🍸😃

Fierce & Fabulous Female Friday








Carrie Green is the founder of female entrepreneurs association international. I came across this organization on Facebook from a suggestion by a friend. She has created a platform for women entrepreneurs from newbies to well experienced to come to a common place to learn,support, and most importantly empower. This woman just oozes positive, throughout reading her posts or watching any of her weekly videos, you can not help but feel encouraged to go after your goals. She is truly a “Fierce & Fabulous Female”! Salute to you Ms.Greenimage

Fierce & Fabulous Female Friday

imageThis week “Fierce & Fabulous Female” goes to @lunchwithmaria . I came across her profile while doing research on female entrepreneurs. According to her LinkedIn bio”Maria is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who went from teaching high school to starting her own international school at the age of twenty eight and later going on to launch a Teacher Training Centre. Maria’s sociable nature and business savvy led her to a career selling real estate on Vancouver’s West Side but her true passion lies in connecting and inspiring women to realize that anything is possible for themselves. As the founder of Ladies Who Lunch Network, she believes that surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive and inspirational individuals is the most successful formula for creating and manifesting your dreams.” In a nutshell she is an example of a role model to other female entrepreneurs who may need a gentle reassurance , that no matter your background or circumstances you too can live out your dreams. Salute to you, Ms.Kritikos😃👏👸🏽🍸image

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