What’s In Your ToolKit?


I was Locked In My Room! You’re probably wondering how is that even possible? Usually people get locked out of their homes,office,even cars. But, to be locked in,what gives?

As an entrepreneur sometimes we can lock ourselves in our fears and doubts. We may think we can’t pull this off, you know keeping a business afloat, bringing in new clients,or provide satisfactory products or services.

There are times we come to a panic and then we find ourselves paralyzed. So back, to how I got locked in my room. There was a defective doorknob due to my daughter locking the door, prior before. When we called the locksmith, he unlocked it. But, we didn’t get it replaced right away. That was the first mistake,the doorknob wasn’t completely off. Fast forward, a few days ago. While settling in, I closed the door not realizing the door jammed and shut us in.

My first reaction was panic, trying to pull at the knob but nothing happened. Second reaction,was to call out for help via cell phone. No one was available. Then the my third and final reaction was to calm down and comfort my daughter. While waiting,I said our prayers and tucked her in. While I laid there, contemplating on what to do, I small voice said go check my bag. So I got up, went through an old backpack and found a mini toolkit. It consisted in a screwdriver that was small enough to use to unscrew the screws in the handle of the doorknob.

I was relieved,that I was able to get myself out. While examining the damage a few thoughts crossed my mind. One, when something is jammed or not working. It’s important to address it right away. Two, replace anything that can be hindrance later on. Three, staying calm helps you to assess,plan, then implement. Fourth, look within yourself and your surroundings,you may already possess the tools you seek.

This may have seem minor,but the lesson learned from this incident has left me with profound understanding that when you feel like you’re stuck, no matter how small or big the obstacles,you have the power within to rise out of it.


Let Your Storm Do The Talking



We believe in helping small businesses & entrepreneurs. Have an opportunity to level their

playing field in whatever industry or niche. Our country backbone is the small mom & pop

stores/ businesses. How, we do this is for us to know & for you to come find out. As the picture

states “Let Your Storm Do The Talking” reminds us here at QuietStorm that reputation, success

in business isn’t given but earned. What’s your philosophy?👀👏😊👊🙌

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